Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tips to improve / extend iphone / ipod touch battery life

I'm going to show you how to improve your iphone / ipod touch battery life. I'll give you 3 tips with almost no cons. But that's personally. The video will be posted soon!


step by step

  • Less brightness - The first and most simple tip is to use less brightness. Like any mobile phone your screen is the battery enemy. Go to your homescreen > settingsbrightness >  auto-brightness OFF! and there is almost no difference between 100% and 50% so slide the slider in the middle.
  • DePersistWifi - You need a jailbreak for this. Don't know how? checkout tutorials off tysiphonehelp. First you want to at a source and than you want to install an app that's only available in that source. But first what does it do? DePersistWifi disables wifi after 1 minute when you lock your iphone / ipod touch. And enables wifi when you unlock it again. So only when you need wifi it automatically turns on and when you don't need it (if you lock your iphone / ipod touch) it's automatically turned off. Wifi is one of the most common reasons why your battery is draining. So how do we install this etc? Open cydia > manage > right above edit > left above add > add source: > install the app DePersistWifi > open DePersistWifi and turn it on
    You won't get push notifications if you don't use 3g either! Because when wifi is off it doesn't check the whole time for new messages!
  • (..) and SBSettings and close background apps manually - (..) But what if you don't want to always close the app directly in the background. But sometimes you want to close all background apps at once? Use SBSettings  Open cydia > manage > right above edit > left above add > add source: > install the app SBSettings Now when you slide at the top of the screen (at the height of the battery life etc.) there pops up this SBSettings screen. But we want to add something. Open cydia > search > remove background sbsettings > install it So now we have everything installed to shut down everything at once. Slide at the top of the screen (at the height of the battery life etc.) and you will see an "app" with the name RemoveBG. When you have some apps in the background running and you push that button they will be closed in the background. But if you don't want to jailbreak your iphone or ipod touch you can do it manually. Go to your homescreen and press the home button twice (fast) now hold you finger on one of the apps for (3 seconds?) and now you will see "the remove" image. Press it and you will close that app in the background.
Some tips with serious cons
  • Airplane mode - When you in an airplane or just in an area without reception you can activate the airplane mode. This will disable wifi, bleuthooth, 3g (so you can't call and receive text messages etc.)
  • Disable wifi - When you not using wifi turn wifi off. Otherwise wifi will search the whole time for access points.
  • Disable location service - Just disable it. When do you really need location services? Google maps,  Facebook check in\, photo app (if you want to know where you toke that picture) but otherwise just turn it off.
  • Fetch new data (mail) - How do I change these settings? Home screen > mail, contact, calenders > fetch new data > turn off push Oke if you really want to be the first to receive a new mail you shouldn't turn it off. But when you don't care just turn it off. Use fetch instead. Now it will only check every X minutes.

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