Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to use wifi only ( disabling internet data connection / 3g ) on any mobile phone ( Android, Blackberry and Iphone )


I'm 99% sure it works on every mobile phone. But if it not works I'm not responsible (answerable) for costs at your provider. Because something like: a. The method doesn't work on your mobile phone (something like an error in your settings) b. You didn't do exactly what I did.

Hello, I'm going to show you how to only use wifi on any mobile phone. I know that the Android and Iphone tutorials may is a little bit easy but the main reason why I made these tutorials was for Blackberry devices. Because on a Blackberry device it's a little bit harder. If you don't have an Android, Blackberry or Iphone don't worry. Watch / read the tutorials that fits the most by your mobile phone because almost all phones are the same so it's not that hard to do this for example on a Nokia.
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  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Concepts
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Step by step:
  • Turn on your phone or unlock your phone so that you could see your home screen
  • Go to your menu
  • Go to manage connections
  • Go to mobile network options
  • Make sure data service is on
  • Go to your menu again
  • Go to options
  • Go to advanced options
  • Go to browser
  • Make sure default browser configuration is set on hotspot browser and go back (of course save changes)
  • So when you are in advanced options go to TCP/IP
  • Remove apn: "Some text" (BUT, write it down somewhere if you want to put it back on in the future)
  • Disable APN settings enabled
  • Done!
Look out! If you disable APN you are not getting instant notifications of apps. (like new message's on Facebook) Only if you start the app you can see the new message's.
I'm sorry for the bad English in this video. But my sister was gone so I was able to steal her phone for 5 minutes. So I didn't prepared this video!

Step by step:
  • Turn on your phone or unlock your phone so that you could see your home screen
  • Go to your menu
  • Go to settings
  • Go to wireless and networks
  • Go to mobile networks (most times, but some times use packet data is settled somewhere else)
  • Disable use packet data
  • Disable data roaming

Sorry I only have a step by step tutorial.
Step by step:
  • Turn on your phone or unlock your phone so that you could see your home screen
  • Go to settings
  • Go to general
  • Go to network
  • Turn off cellular data
Look out! On a Iphone you are now using wifi only. But you can't retrieve MMS, retrieve / listen to voice mail and use personal hotspot.


Data service / use packet data / cellular data - If you disable you could do everything with your phone as normal (text messages, making calls etc.). But there are some exceptions in red (depending on your brand). But what you are disabling is the function to connect with the internet by 3g. Now you could only use the internet by wifi. (Although Blackberry can't connect with internet by wifi if data service is turned off...)

Roaming - If you enable roaming you can internet where ever you want. It doesn't matter which provider you have at that moment. But if you disable it you can only use internet by your own provider. So let's say you contract is at t-mobile and you disable roaming you can't use internet if you have an AT&T connection. While if you enable it you could use internet at AT&T but because you have a contract at t-mobile it's very expensive. So I recommend you to disable roaming always!

3g - A internet connection with an provider. This is now a days pretty expensive if you don't have a contract or over your contract's limit.

WIFI - A internet connection with a wifi router / hotspot. This is free for a mobile phone. So it's free? Yes, but you have a contract with a provider for your wifi router...

Provider - A company that connects your mobile phone with the world. By than you could send text messages, retrieve call and use internet over 3g etc.


Blackberry - Can I still use pin if I'm using wifi only?
Yes, but you still need a blackberry service contract. (In the Netherlands it's 2,50 a month)