Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to download and install ( setup ) whatsapp on your ipod touch or ipad ( including whatsapp cydia sources )


Today I'm going to show you how to install (setup) whatsapp on your ipod touch step by step. Because I have some problems with filming this tutorial the video and pictures will be available soon!


Step by step text only

  • First you want to jailbreak your ipod touch. Without jailbreak this ain't going to work. How do I jailbreak my ipod touch? I think tysiphonehelp can help you out with that.
  • So now you have an jailbreak on your ipod touch you have this app called cydia. Run the app.
  • In cydia go to manage
  • Than you click on source
  • Right above you will see this button edit. Click on it =)
  • When you clicked on edit you will see left above add
  • Add source: and add source:
  • In the Iphonecake you can download Appcake and in the thebigboss you can download whatspad
  • Go to Appcake (app) and search for whatsapp (if you have a old device and it isn't working choose a old whatsapp version)
  • So now you have whatsapp installed and you can start registering now (you need another cellphone so you could receive the activation code)
Why the whatspad app? Because without the whatspad app you can't register in whatsapp

Step by step with pictures
coming soon!